As with our Links page, this collection is informed by the old but truer-than-ever adage that less is more…

Photography resources

Excellent tutorials/tips to develop basic photography skills:

Recommended viewing:

Recommended reading (Amazon’s “Look Inside” lets you peruse a large amount of this Bryan Peterson book):

And some inspiration:

Short-doc examples

For your inspiration and edification, a collection of short docs produced in workshops in association with Michael Rabiger’s Directing the Documentary:

Shot Log


Remember to keep track of your footage – day to day – with a shot log. As we’ve discussed in class, organization is key. And it starts with a shot log. Here’s a good example of one from, an educational website that is a great resource for media production tools and tutorials. The website offers a valuable downloadable PDF template of its shot log.

Working the longer story

Harry Hanbury, an award–winning filmmaker and journalist, tells us about working a longer story. Harry is a producer with the video journalism non-profit Retro Report. Examples:


Color Temp: White Balance
Source: Documentary Video Boot Camp –

Typical Formal Interview
Source: Documentary Video Boot Camp –

Story construction

Boyd Huppert, an award-winning reporter at KARE 11 in Minneapolis-St. Paul, practices the “say it/prove it” rule of video journalism and advises using a “Christmas Tree” – not Inverted Pyramid – for highly engaging visual storytelling.


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